Scottish Witches

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Let warlocks grim, an' wither'd hags,
ell, how wi you, on ragweed nags,
They skim the muirs an' dizzy crags,
Wi' wicked speed;
And in kirkyards renew their leagues,
Owre howket dead.

Robert Burns's famous poem "Address to the Dell" describes the hag-like appearance and demonic presence that for most people epitomises the image of the witch. But just what is a witch, and who are the figures that Scotland has accused of witchcraft? Scottish Witches aims to explain.

All over Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries a wave of paranoia and hysteria was taking hold. All the ills of society were blamed on witchcraft, and Scotland did not escape this obsession with the supernatural.

This book gives the stories of Scotland's witches, the accused, the confessed, the trials, and the superstitions.

This fascinating book also explains about the beliefs of modern white witches and the place of Wicca in society today.


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