Asiatic Art - In the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

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From the important and interesting collection of art objects in the Department of Asiatic Art in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam a selection of over 200 of the most representative items has been made for this book. The objects described and illustrated here date from the 13th-12th century B.C. (the Late Shang Period in China) to the 18th and 19th centuries A.D. (in Indonesia and Japan).

The countries they come from are, in the following order: China, Japan, Korea, Annam, India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia. More than fifty objects are reproduced in colour. All the illustrations are accompanied by descriptions compiled by experts in the field of Oriental art. They are preceded by introductions on the history of the Vereniging van Vrienden der Aziatische Kunst, which was founded in 1918 and is the owner of part of the collection, and on the Rijksmuseum's porcelain collection.

This book will be a welcome source of information for the steadily growing number of those interested in the art of Asia.



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